Development of Pic & Place Agriculture Robot

  • Srinivasa Nayaka K R
  • Dr. Mallikarjuna.C


Today the environmental influence of agricultural production is very much in focus and the demands to the industry is increasing. In the present scenario, most of the cities in India do not have sufficient skilled man power in agricultural sector and that effect on the growth of developing country. Hence farmers have to use new technology for farming activity like (plowing, seed sowing, fertilization, water sprinkling, etc.). Seed sowing Machine which developed so long are operated manually or there is no Smart Work done by it thinks seed sowing. Basic method is that seed sowing carry by hand this is also known as dibbling i.e. the making of holes and then by hand dropping the seed .also there are slot are make for used the large equipment like leveling and dropping . So it’s time to automate the sector to decreases this problem.

In this project, we are developing an agricultural-based robot this robot should helpful for farmer people. In this robot, automatic seed placing and pumping the water to seed and we are using pick and place set up to remove the dry plant and sowing the seeds in that same place. We are using the sensor to find the conditions of agriculture land. If any obstacle is dedicated means the robot will stop that place and soil moisture sensor is using to find the dry or wet condition in the plant if the plant is dry means the pump motor should be on and water will supply to plant. This function is done by Bluetooth. The Bluetooth is placed on the Arduino Uno microcontroller. All the instructions are sending through android mobile using the voice controlling method.

Author Biographies

Srinivasa Nayaka K R

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Mallikarjuna.C

Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,


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