The Assessment of Internet Service Distribution in Ethiopia

  • Genet Gebre Tirfe Hawassa University, Ethiopia
Keywords: Determinants, Internet service, Farmers, compensation, network costs, Ethio-telecom


Internet usage in Ethiopia is improved from year to year however it is low as compared to the world and neighboring countries in Africa. This study employed Content analysis and qualitative research method, semi structured interview to assess the determinants of internet service distribution in Ethiopia. It was found that the nature of settlement in rural areas, shortage of foreign currency, high cost of telecom equipments and their installation, and the low level of road and telecom infrastructure development greatly affected internet service distribution.  Problems related to Covid-19 also hindered free movement of employees, resources, and products of the company to different regions. Farmers’ compensation for getting rid of their crops becomes another obstacle to expand telecom service in rural areas. Therefore, the government, stakeholders, businesses organizations, and NGOS, need to act together to strengthen the institutional capacity of Ethio-telecom and enable Ethiopia to open up the telecom market for private sectors.

Author Biography

Genet Gebre Tirfe, Hawassa University, Ethiopia

College of Business & Economics,  Management Department,

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