Teacher's Strategy in Managing Inclusive Classes At SDN Tangerang

  • Arfiani Yulianti Fiyul Sheikh Yusuf Islamic University, Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Lina Sukanti Sheikh Yusuf Islamic University, Tangerang, Indonesia
Keywords: Strategy, Managing Teacher, Inclusive Class


The purpose of this research is to find out, namely (1). The teacher's strategy in managing an inclusive class with environmental factors, physical factors, socio-emotional factors, and school factors (2). Supporting factors and obstacles to the teacher's strategy in managing inclusive classrooms. The method with a descriptive qualitative research approach. The research subjects were classroom teachers, special assistant teachers, data collection techniques were observation, interviews and documentation studies. The research results are: (1). Classroom management will run if it is supported by a conducive environment such as: study rooms, seats, good windows so that light and air can enter, socio-emotional conditions, such as teachers teaching in class, involving students in learning, the teacher's voice can be controlled and heard by students. all students, relationships with all students with special needs. Organizational factors of schools and classroom teachers. Information can be conveyed using mobile phones. (2). Supporting factors in the management of inclusive classes are professional teachers and supporting infrastructure such as classes and others. Inhibiting factors for students Children with special needs are difficult to control, requiring extra handling.